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A new four-wheeled electric spider car with arms which move independently allowing it to tackle the toughest off-road terrain, is set to hit the market. The vehicle, produced by a company based in the south of France, is called the Swincar and will go into production at the end of October.
The car can be assembled easily and can be adapted to the size of the driver. It was originally designed for leisure pursuits and the vast majority of orders have come from North America, where all-road mechanical recreational vehicles are particularly popular. But Mecanroc has plans for the spider car in other areas, including civil security, defence, agriculture and farming.
It has a range which is particularly interesting for disabled people, not so much a range as a type of the basic vehicle. This type allows people with reduced mobility to have access to it because the arms on both sides which the wheels are attached to can open up to allow access from a wheelchair, Jammes said.

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