Elon Musk compares A.I. efforts to “Summoning the Demon” (2014.10.24) by Every Elon Musk Video   2 years ago


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MUST WATCH. Elon Musk spoke at MIT for an event marking the 100th anniversary of its Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. During the Q&A session, Elon warned of the civilisation threatening dangers of Artificial Intelligence if not contained.

Overview:01:00. Vertical landing testings
10:00. SpaceX competitive edge
15:58. Mars exploration
27:10. Gigafactory vision & battery technology
34:50. Hiring a “Good Heart” is primordial
36:45. NASA ’s role
38:20. Manufacturing importance
41:35. EV engine power efficiency
44:05. Goal of SpaceX (Funny at 44:16. Guy checks out girl and snaps a photo of her unaware he’s on camera)
46:25. SpaceX astronauts
48:20. Future of landing
51:00. Privatisation of Mars
53:25. Mars natural resources extraction
54:18. Beam energy propulsion
56:40. Hyperloop tube tolerances
59:48. Outer space resources
1:00:30. Warning about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
1:01:52. Telecommunication satellites on Mars
1:03:27. Thoughts on Space elevator
1:05:20. Mars 1 project
1:06:33. Another question about space elevator
1:07:10. Superchargers network solar power
1:09:10.Tesla’s collaboration in the EV industry
1:10:38. Sci-fi books & movies influences
1:13:40. Threats of NASA developing a Mars lander before SpaceX

Date: October 24, 2014
Elon was 43 years old